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Event Info

What to expect?

This is a private underground event. This is a family friendly event. This is also a clothing optional event.. There will be both strange slow and fast music played by friends from around the globe focusing on crew from South America and Europe.  We are building out the land with art natural art and highlighting the amazement of the natural surroundings.

Getting There

The Venue is on a family farm in the hills above Uvita and Playa Hermosa in the little village of San Josecito.  When you arrive in San Josecito you will see signs for the DisQo and parking will be in the soccer field across from the church and school..   From there the entrace to the gathering is an 8 to 10 minute walk down the road onto the private property. 

Hours each day..

Monday 8:30am – 7pm

Tuesday 8:30am – 7pm

Wednesday 8:30am – 9pm

Food & Drink

A whole group of Italians making pizza in a newly built wood oven? Yep! At DisQo we want to feed your soul with music, art and nature and your body with the best food. Authentic italian pizza, delicious ceviche, and more hearty meals will be available here to keep your belly happy. 


We will also have a juice bar and elixir bar for people to enjoy both cold and hot drinks.  Fresh coconuts will be available as well as free drinking water stations.  There will also be alcohol options to spike your juices with if you feel the urge.

Hiking in and out and around

Costa Rica is hilly and if you want both views and rivers you end up with steep land.  This is a rustic outdoor off grid event so be ready for the jungle and wild nature Costa Rica has to offer. 

You will be doing some hiking on beautiful, well-mantained trails while moving from parking to main stage and down to the  river. Downhill walk from parking to main DisQo is 10 minutes, plus a steep 5 minutes down to the river.

River and swimming

The Morete River or also known as Higueron is a beautiful pristine river where the head waters come from San Luis de Morete and flow into the Uvita River and exit at the edge of the National Park de Ballena.  There are many shallow areas to sit and soak with a few small rapids and even a large deep slot canyon style swimming hole. We will have lifeguards on duty for safety.  There is plenty of shade throughout the day and the water is fresh to cool off in.

What to bring


What NOT to bring

No pets please. Only monkeys and sloths.